Cheap Thrills in Kauai

January 16, 2012 admin Things to do

With the global economy in the deepest rut since the Great Depression, most families don’t feel like they can blow a lot of their hard-earned cash on vacations anymore.

But we’ve found some of the cheapest things you can do in Kauai to make your dream vacation worth every penny that you spend.


With equipment on sale at almost any retailer, including Wal-Mart, you can usually get goggles, snorkel and fins for under $20.

If you go to a specialty store you’re going to feel like you have to spend hundreds of dollars on all of the top of the line gear, but when it comes down to it, the fish don’t care what you wear, neither should you.

As long as the goggles keep most of the water out and your snorkel doesn’t have any huge cracks in it, you’ll most likely be fine. You could even go second hand if you know of a good thrift store.

There are excellent snorkeling places on the north shore of Kauai, but almost any cove or reef will have great underwater views.


Since most of us already own a good pair of hiking books, this activity should be almost free. Even if you don’t already have boots, any shoes you’re comfortable walking in will do for a more mild hike.

Although it is one of the most popular hikes, the Kalalau trail isn’t all that crowded because it is not exactly a walk in the park.

Even though it will have you huffing and puffing, this trail offers one of the most spectacular views of the Na Pali coast.

Be warned that this hike will inevitably turn your shoes red with volcanic mud. All the more reason to use your old sneakers!


Although it might sound redundant to recommend spending time at the beach when you’re in Hawaii, there are definitely some better beaches to take advantage of than the one just outside your hotel.

If you’re looking for a stretch that leaves you all by your lonesome, try the Polihale State Park that offers a two-mile long beach with very few tourists, or natives for that matter.

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