Kauai’s Waimea Canyon

January 12, 2011 KauaiGuy Things to doThings to see

If you’re planning a trip to Kauai, you’re in for one of the best vacations of your life. For such a small island, there is certainly plenty to do. With some of the best island resorts, beaches, and landscape the world has to offer, there is no end of things to do. The biggest problem is choosing how to spend your time once you get there. But one thing I always recommend while there is seeing Waimea Canyon. No trip to Kauai is complete without it.

Waimea Canyon, is situated on Kauai’s West Side. Many have dubbed it as “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” It’s the sure to be the most breathtaking geological feature in Hawaii. Waimea is over 10 miles long, a mile wide, and nearly over half a mile deep. With its lookouts, tourists can see wide panoramas of Kauai’s beautiful landscapes. Take in views of the crested hills, jagged crags, and plummeting gorges.

Along the main road that spans the canyon, you’ll find several trails to hike. They range in difficulty so both novice and veteran hikers alike can enjoy the grandeur of exploring the canyon. One of the top rated trails is Awaawapuhi. This hike will take guide you down the sheer cliffs and razor like ridges of the Nualolo and Awaawapuhi. Along the way you’ll see inspiring views of the vertical cliffs of the Na Pali coast and their 3,000 foot ledges.

So if you’re heading to Kauai, make sure to check out this wondrous geological marvel for yourself. Your trip to Kauai won’t be complete without it.

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